Rewards missing again


Posted DM to Steeven but have heard nothing for 9 days.

Tried to claim rewards and got error try again later but they never came back. Reported problem 9 days ago and now ads have stopped the past few days too. Nobody has responded and its April 22 and no rewards. This is the third time since last August that the rewards don’t post right. Seems like this should be a smoother process.

Please advise on when this can be fixed.

Hi @fdanzo - this is a known issue that the team is currently working to implement a fix for. There is currently no action required on your end. You will receive your BAT once the fix is in.


It has also shut off my laptop and work computer from Ads though. It gave me the slider drag test to confirm I am real I guess on both computers. I passed it, but no Ads the past 3 days anyway. Can we put that into the fix queue?




I also have no BAT credit on either office or laptop along with the no Ads. Even if I am using the browser and doing other things, NO credit of any kind. It’s been shut off again. Please fix.




Hi Steeven,

Can you please unflag my account and turn it back on? This is my laptop and it has no BAT accumulating for almost TWO WEEKS now. Must have been flagged and turned off. Home desktop and office are ok now. Just this one. Thank you.

Wallet info

Key info seed: Valid

Wallet payment ID: 196994f3-c647-4d23-b538-20f078d9453f

Wallet created: 10/15/2021, 07:06:16 PM

Balance info

Total balance 10.5 BAT

bitFlyer: 0 BAT

Rewards BAT: 10.5 BAT

Gemini: 0 BAT

Uphold: 0 BAT

External wallet info

Wallet status: Not connected




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