Rewards missing after Twitch channel rebrand

  • Windows 10
  • Brave Version 1.7.98

Hey there :slightly_smiling_face:

Last year I linked my Twitch channel to my Brave publishers account and started receiving some BAT (around 23 iirc).
Time went by and last week i rebranded my TwitchAccount (changed it´s name).
Today I realized, that by doing this, the channel was no longer verified as a BravePublisher, went into the Publishers Dashboard and took a look.

In the Dashboard there still was my TwitchChannel, but with the old name. The received BAT were shown correctly in the Balance Tab. I tried to connect (another) Twitch channel (the same one but with a different name) but it did not change anything.

Only thing that worked was deleting the Twitch channel with the old name and adding the new one (which was the old one but with a new name). This worked and now i got the old channel with the new name in the Channels Tab.

Only problem is:

Because i did not yet have my Uphold account KYC´ed my “amassed” BAT are now gone from the balance sheet.

I know 23BAT is not much but rebrandings of social media accounts happen from time to time and it would be sad if people lost their BAT in the process.

Now my question: Is this supposed to work like this, am i just a doofus (edit: isn´t an allowed word, lol?) and the loss of my balance is my own fault or can you guys help me?

Much appreciated. Have a nice week guys and keep up the good work (Brave is and awesome Browser btw!)

:frowning: Can anyone help me here please?

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