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Is there any way to transfer BAT rewards stored in local files without using a verified wallet (Uphold/Gemini)?
I have a Brave wallet but I never received the rewards on it I don’t understand why…

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vBAT to BAT . . . I wondered, too, at:

Im not sure it is the same thing as I did not go too deep on research. But IMO, it is kind of pointless, Brave browser offers a Brave crypto wallet and BAT rewards dont get deposit on it…

I started this post because it seems I cant receive BAT rewards on my Uphold account anymore because of max limit devices suported.

I do not know the full details on how the current process works. But I believe it is a technical issue.

The rewards you receive are in the form of vBAT, a virtual asset representing BAT.
If you link your browser to an account in Uphold or Gemini, the balance of vBAT you earn is somehow (don’t ask me how) communicated to them. They will convert vBAT into BAT internally (as part of their agreement). No blockchain transactions occur. Thus, this can be done seamless.

On the other end, if you transfer BAT to a non-custodial wallet, like Brave Wallet, the transaction occurs in the Ethereum blockchain. Fees are charged.
As most of you know, Ethereum fees are not cheap. For monthly rewards worth 5 USD you would likely pay 50 USD of fees.

This is my understanding. I do not have the whole picture, but that’s how I interprete the process.

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That makes sense. Thanks for your feedback…Obrigado :slight_smile:

Now I’m wondering if there’s a way around the “error: maximum devices reached” issue when I try to re-verify my Uphold account…Or will I be forced to verify another wallet, for example Gemini?

Good news, they are removing the device limit soon.

I never used Gemini, but what I read here in the community is scary. If you already have an account in Uphold, then I would recommend waiting for the limit removal.

You can follow the status here

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I already have a Gemini account but I’m not keen on making KYC. I’ll probably wait for the limit removal.
Thanks for the tip :+1:

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