Rewards lost after connecting uphold


I had ~45 Bat and I created and connected uphold wallet to not loose them but after the connection I received only 1.5 Bat! Did I loose them? Is anything I can do?

Thank you in advance

Please submit your issue here and we can take a look. Thanks!

I have the same problem, after connecting brave to uphold all rewards are lost.

Just found a log that says “promotion_vbat_drained”, right after connecting brave to uphold. It seems that all rewards reset after the connection.

Has your problem been resolved?

I did submit my problem to brave help center but no answer yet. I confirm that I also found the same “promotion_vbat_drained” log after uphold connection. I can see my bats in my creators account but no option to transfer them to uphold :man_shrugging:

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