Rewards Januari 2023 disappeared after using newest 1.48 version!

Ok i have read the changes as from 1 feb 2023. I am not connected/verified yet, but why are my januari rewards gone, and not distributed? So how am i able to tip any creaters if you delete my rewards?

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The payout is still being processed, wait till its complete.

If you don’t get even after its complete, you should raise a ticket at

Everything is zero…januari and februari…but i can see it is completed in the log…(brave://rewards-internals). But no claim button…as a result of version v.1.48 update ??

You’ll get one most likely, as Brave said that we will receive our last payout in February.

If you had vBAT in your unverifed profile, it should still be there. Only current earnings disappear.

yes i can see it is there. But is it possible to import them(vBAT). As a un-verified user it should still be possible to tip a friends creator account ??
I have raised a ticket.

What do you mean by that?

Yes, absolutely if they show up as verified and are from a country listed at

But since you’re from unsupported region I assume your friend from the same region so he’ll be unverified as well.

My fault. I was checking the log and saw a payout completed at 07-01. But we are currently at 08-02. :man_facepalming: So I will wait till the payout status is completed at Brave.
But i still do not understand why my bat count for februari so far is set to 0,000 (it was not yesterday!) Although i am not verified i should still gain BAT for ads, and able to tip a friend who is a verified creator in another country as mine? Or isn’t that possible anymore since 1 feb?

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That’s correct. Unverified profiles can’t earn

That’s a very rude manner to implement new changes: just delete users Feb earnings so far. I do not like that.

They wanted to get rid of vBAT since way too long but it’s now that they implemented it.
You should read

Yes i have read that today. Today! And i see it was published 13 jan. About three weeks ago.
This is a kind of Change Management, i would say, if you have a scale of 1 -10…a 1 (one).
What do you think what will happen if this was a bank company? You will have a bankrun.
As a result the bank will not survive.

So: still a very very RUDE manner to implement changes: just delete your users earnings so far collected in February.

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