Rewards from December Disappeared

I hate to post for such a small amount… I installed the Brave browser in late November and received a very small amount of BAT earnings from ads in early December. That amount recently disappeared and is showing 0.00 BAT. However in the drop down tab under “rewards summary” it shows “Rewards Summary - December 2020 earnings from ads - 1.250 BAT”. The “1.250” that is showing is red, so I’m not sure if that signifies anything?

Again it is such a small amount. I just wanted to understand why it disappeared so that I can make sure that I don’t lose future larger amounts. I can post screenshots if it helps.

Thanks for helping a new user! By the way, the Brave Browser is excellent and feels very secure with all the great built-in blockers. I am a big fan so far, and will be switching all of my browsing through Brave and also will recommend it to others.

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Thank you for reaching out.
Can you send me a DM with your Uphold email and Uphold ID number so we can take a look on our end?

Canceling this to send as a private message…

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