Rewards for browsing not showing


I´ve been using the brave browser for a few days and Its not showing the BAT rewards in this MAC.

Help please

Can you provide more information?

Here is the screen shot of my browser.

I’m sorry, @smartleverage, but providing only one screenshot is not really helpful.

What is your Brave version? OS? Did you have Brave Rewards enabled? Did you have Brave Ads enabled? Which country? etc.

Additionally, did you already check the basic guidelines to make sure you’ve your settings configured correctly? FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


Yes I have all that enable, but its says that adds are not enable in my country, but I have Installed the browser in my other Mac device and its working, but here it is not working.

Can you check your language and region has been set correctly? Did you use the latest version?

yes, I already download the latest version.

Still showing the add are not available in my region in this device.

If you not check it yet :point_up:

The one found in your OS settings, @smartleverage

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