Rewards for affiliation program not received completely, as it is mentioned on my account

Hi Brave

It seems the time for sending the rewards for the people participating in affiliation program has changed, as it has been sent yesterday.

Though, I have an issue:

as I can see on the screenshot i sent to the support by email, there is written that the last deposit was a certain amount of BAT whereas I received just a little more than the half of BAT from Brave yesterday, and not the total.

Could you correct that such i can receive the missing BAT please ?

I have written to Syed also.

I would be grateful.

Thank you

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Hi @Publisher-user - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks.

Hi Steeven,
I have DM you.
Waiting you reply

Hi Steeven

I have DM you on brave community by personal message.

such that you can check.

I have the same problem, the amount displayed on my panel is different from what I actually received, I received less than half of that amount.

I hope we are both going to receive all our BAT quickly.
Still waiting

Hello Brave

It was promised to me that the issue would be solved and I still did not receive the remaining BAT I should receive .

whereas I have updated Steeven in private as requested.

Please can you solve that issue ?

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