Rewards Difference between Dev and Normal Brave

What are the differences between the Dev and Normal versions of Brave? Do the Dev
users get more BAT as a reward for helping out with the development of the Browser?
Also how easy is it to move from one version to the other without loosing your rewards data, accounts and various settings?
Personally I’m using the Dev version on a MacBook Pro but it has started to interact in not a pleasant way with some other programs and I would like to know the pros and cons? My suggestion would be a nice table also to the official website making it clear and direct for all.
Thank you!


It’s briefly explain here and

Browser data import from one to another release channel is not yet supported.

But you can import your bookmarks as HTML

And recover your Rewards wallet

Other settings may need to be set manually.

Thank you for the information Eljuno!
It will be great if they could make the transition much easier and of course give some incentive and reward to the people that use the Dev version so you can benefit from it!
In my humble opinion of course!

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