Rewards didn't received! Both Ads and Publisher

I still didn’t received ad and publisher rewards on Uphold

Also didn’t received any Claim button on one of my PC

What’s happening!

Publisher payment has not yet begun

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@Shreneda The payouts are still processing, check the pinned thread for updates: January Brave Ads Payout Status and January 2021 Publishers Payout Thread

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Hi. Ad payments start processing 5th of each month and can take a few days. Publisher payments start processing (I think) on 8th of each month. They too can take a few days to show in your wallet. They won’t arrive on all your devices at the same time.

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Hi @Shreneda Ads payments are still processing and Publishers payment has not yet started.

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Okay I’ll wait but what about this! I saw unverified wallets payment done! But I didn’t received claim button on one of my pc.

Hi Shreneda. I have 3 devices but they don’t all get paid at the same time, usually over a couple of days. If you don’t receive payment on that last device by the time ads finish processing DM @steeven who should be able to assist.

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