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My rewards said they were able To be claimed a week ago but every time I would click on the rewards button it would spin around and around and around endlessly now the reward button is gone but I haven’t received my funds
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See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

Yeah read that first. Hadn’t seen anything about after hitting the button everyday it would go in to and endless loading animation then button would be back and do same thing next day. Making sure my situation wasn’t different since I haven’t seen anyone describe my specific way this is happening

Then you may missed this part :point_down:

One exception that impacts less than 5% of Ads Rewards users;
For the users that tried to claim Ads earnings very early last night, they will need to get a software upgrade for their browsers before the claiming of Ads Rewards will happen.
Timing for such an upgrade:

We will post as soon as we have that and the work has already begun cross-platform to make it available.

You will get yours. The only thing that you need to do for now is: wait. Until the team release a new version.

Thanks for your patience!

No I didn’t miss that. I don’t understand how does this apply to my promblem? I said nothing about a specific date or time of when I tried to claim rewards. Only that it was multiple days. This is describing a specific date which would seem to me to would make it less likely to apply to my situation. My concerns are multiple days in a row I hit the Claims button and it when around and around like it was loading Indefinitely. This happened probly 4 days in a row and now it’s gone. I realize that many people are having problems not getting their rewards and I just was looking for confirmation that someone else had had this happen to them in it the same way as I have so that I could rest easy to wait and make sure that my situation is not different.

A quick update. See May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

Continued here Still no rewards and no one will speak to me