Rewards at 0.00, yet in settings I can see 4.250 BAT

As you can see from my screenshots, when I click the rewards icon it shows I have 0.00 and the option to click through to my wallet is greyed out, but then when I open the Rewards Settings page it shows that I have 4.250 BAT.

What is going on here?!

Close your browser completely and then reopen it…if this doesn’t solve your problem then restart your phone

Thank you. I tried both, and now I see a very small amount and a prompt to verify my wallet (despite the fact it’s been verified already.)

It seems that it’s decided to lose a bunch of my BAT:

What can I do to recover it??

You need have atleast 25BAT to transfer when you use it on a smartphone

Thank you, but I already know this. It has nothing to do with what I’ve said.

I’m pointing out that I had over 4 BAT that suddenly seems to have disappeared.

Does anyone know why my tokens disappeared??

I still can’t figure out why my tokens disappeared…