Rewards are not getting deposited

My rewards are not getting deposited i don’t know why I’ve attached a screenshot of my rewards but its not getting into my account even though I’ve signed up for publishers accounts.
Please help

Hi @sezaz28,

Here is a link to common answers around payout questions - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

It looks like you also have auto contribute set up with 47 BAT currently designated for creators. Is the the amount of BAT your were anticipating to be deposited into your Uphold wallet?

Yes it is. I also have a verified uphold account lonked to my profile

The BAT that you’ve designated to Creators through auto-contribute will not be withdrawn to your Uphold account.

I am a creator myself of YouTube channel then why will it be not contributed to me?

Hi @sezaz28, any BAT that is tipped to you from viewers will be contributed to you. You can also cancel your auto contributions at anytime if you’d like.

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