Rewards and Token Vanished

All of my “BAT” tokens vanished from my wallet. I never chose the “auto-contribute” mode. I want all of my tokens back to my wallet from the beginning of the first download.

It was supposed to be fixed in the version xxx.91 then xxx.95 and finally xxx.99.

I have the latest version and… my BATs are still missing.

Forget about them. It’s going to be easier for you. If they come back… good! if not… at least you are not worried anymore. I haven´t worked in my entire life in a company having an incident in production for 2 months without being fixed. I would have been fired if so.

I can´t help it… I can´t hide my indignation. Fortunately it is a really good project and it has a lot of future… otherwise, with errors like this… they would be closing doors for good.


It’s true my token as been vanished… I don’t know what is problem with the app or your server… pls. Fix it as soon as possible…

Happen the same to me. My rewards were taken from uphold and i have all turned off, What can we do?

Could it be possible that we are getting rip off ? Example : today my dollar value drop from $1.58 to $1.53 . Could this be a glitch in the program or am I being compromise ? Let me know if this has happen to you .

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