Rewards account flagged, I'm old & confused and don't know what I did wrong

I’ve used Brave for a number of years, never had any issues really. Last week I finally signed up for an Uphold acct and was moving my BAT, after doing one browser and starting on another, a popup told me my account was flagged and I couldn’t continue.

I read around on here and sent an email to suspensions, but apparently that’s for developers (sorry guys) and I don’t really know what to do next. I honestly don’t know what I did in the first place to generate the flag, I was trying to verify my rewards profile and consolidate my rewards, but I apologize if any part of it was wrong. Any help you can guys can advise me of would be great.

  • No VPN, I’m in the US, I get the error on Windows & Android, I have a ton of BAT in my browser (150ish) that I’m worried about losing in this process. Auto-contribute is turned off on all of my browsers -


A note to all who will back up their data:

Users facing a situation in which they have no custodial option and need to back up their current vBAT can manually copy-paste/back up their Brave-Browser folder (at least on desktop), which will contain their vBAT at the time of manual backup. [excerpt from recent @Saoiray post]

Windows OS:

  • C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\

I suggest that you get an external USB drive, attach that to your Windows OS machine, and drag-copy the Brave-Browser folder to that USB drive.

Also, you might use either WinZip or 7-Zip, in order to make a compressed copy (effectively a backup copy).

For detailed assistance, re your issue, perhaps one or more of the following members of Brave Community, will help:

@CharlieW Just create a ticket here and you shall be fine-

Wallet payment id would be required in the form and will be found here- brave://rewards-internals/. Don’t post it anywhere publicly.


This might have been the reason. It’s a large amount and so might have been flagged as suspicious. Though always a bunch of little things that can cause accounts to be flagged. The main thing is as Aman advised, submit a ticket by completing the form he linked to you. That will allow someone from Brave to review it and remove the flag on the account for you.

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Hi, my account is also flagged and i really dont know why… i really need help

Tagging here won’t do you any good. Complete the Support Ticket so they can address you. You need to complete the form at

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