Rewards Account Flagged After Being Unflagged Recently

My rewards account was flagged for a while and then got unflagged through here in September, but now it’s flagged again. Submitted help form already.

It has been happening often recently. The system is detecting something weird in your system.
My advice, update to the latest version, create a new profile and delete the old one. Ensure that you are not doing anything that may trigger an alarm in their system like running bots, using VPN, etc. Just use the browser normally, watch Brave News and that should be enough to get some rewards by the end of the month.

You can always open a support ticket. But there is not much they can do other than unflagging.

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A mi me sucede igual. Lo peor es que pierdes las recompensas sin posibilidad de recuperarlas. Es ya un continuo que por una u otra razon no se reciben las recompensas, hay que abrir tickets, facilitar datos, etc. No tenemos por què estar asì, actualizando, dando datos, poco menos que pidiendo perdon, porque Brave sea tan irregular por no usar otra palabra. Muy sucia la conducta de Brave.

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Worth a try. Thanks for the advice.

Y vas a estar asi un largo tiempo, porque la realidad es que Brave no te quiere pagar las recompensas. Ya he indicado en otro hilo que todo esto es un fraude.

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