Reward received less than contribution

I am a user, since Brave Browser started, I’ve been using it and I turned on both:

  1. Ads
  2. Ads Contribute - Max 10 BAT

It used to work out to be pretty balanced.

However in the last couple months, I’ve seen I received maybe only 5BAT (or less) and I am contributing 10 BAT, which kinda doesn’t make sense.

I’ve also seen with my ad history I can see ads shown as “viewed” vs “clicked”. May I know if they make any difference on earning?

Also is it possible to contribute in % instead of a fix contribution because I would like to contribute but I don’t want to contribute more than what I earned.

Another thing is, does contribution increase earning or not? Just wondering if contribution is more like donation.


the value of bat per ads is not fixed and on the last 2 months the exchange rate of bat increased over .30 which lead to decrease also in the value of bat per ads

so better to check the value you get per ads then make assumption about what you will get monthly then adjust the auto Contribute

you get paid for view click or dismissed even the point is to see the ads notifications not sure for how long bbt since it on your ads history then you will get paied

right now no if the amount you set is more than what you already have do not worry the system will not donate more than what you have

it just donation from your side to the sites owner

and you welcome and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your quick response. I do not worry about over contribute. But I do want to contribute only if I make more than I contribute. Since I can’t justify if I can make more than 5BAT per month or not until month end, and the min contribute is 5BAT, so I have no choice but to disable contribution else I will have 0 earning every month.

you very welcome @SG2010

thanks for you for helping others

what about turn it off as you said and donate to the sites you like directly after you get paid

and have a nice day

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