Reward page says connection to server not possible / reward internals invalid EDIT: LOST ALL MY BAT TO THE BUG

My reward page says that the connection to Brave reward server is not possible. My reward internals say that my wallet is invalid.

UPDATE: I found a solution. Afterwards my auto-contribution turned on automatically and I INSTANTLY lost all my 14+ BAT I had accumulated over the month already… I had auto contribution turned off and now I am back to 1.9 BAT… This cannot be possible it is VERY VERY frustrating. Please help me with this.
They were automatically contributed because it is the 20th today. (payment day)


Maybe you can try to restore the wallet from seed, it helped me last time with similiar issue

Unfortunately that won’t help. The money was sent out already by “auto contribute”. It’s just gone…

Well, im not sure, if you can auto-contribute BATs which are mentioned only as estimated rewards…or you see them as sent?

I don’t see them as sent since I panicked and deleted every site from auto contribution. I would also like to know if estimated BATs can be auto contributed…

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