Reward On Multiple Devices Question To Clarify

A few weeks ago we tried asking for updates. And then I jokingly asked about whether on chain payments would arrive first. However, what shocked me is they seriously answered that the likelihood of on chain payments arriving before the issue(s) with Gemini are resolved is pretty high.

If you’re unaware of what I mean in regards to on chain payments, you may want to check a topic where I kind of touched on it at PSA: Current and upcoming changes to Rewards and Creators

Overall it’s not supposed to be an issue. Ads shown are based on our IP address. So if you’re linking to a different country for VPN so circumvent content, it could trigger those country’s ads to appear. That shouldn’t reconcile (you don’t get paid cause it wouldn’t match your Rewards country, Locale, and Gemini account) but if happened “enough” it’s possible it could consider you’re trying to cheat/game the system.

So I do highly suggest you always use VPN for same region you’re from if you are going to use a VPN. If you are using to appear in different countries, it’s probably better to disable ads for that time period by going to brave://rewards and turning off the toggle for them:


Again, VPN is a gray area. Brave says using VPN in itself isn’t enough to get people flagged. But in the 4 years or so I’ve been around here on Brave Community, VPN seems to be the primary thing most flagged accounts have in common. I never know the right answer on that and not sure how things might change as we get into on chain payments later this year.

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