Reward not include

Today i got this massage…i dont what that mean.plz help

Open chrome://rewards/.
You’ll find a box called “Auto-Contribute”. In your case it seems to be enabled. What this does: You earn BAT from viewing ads, those BAT are being automatically tipped to the websites you visit. You can set the amount of BAT there, which should be tipped in total. In your case you tried to tip more BAT then you own. Don’t worry though, you’re not in any debt.
The message from the second image means that you tried to tip some websites which don’t accept tips yet. So your browser will wait until they do. If they don’t join the program within 90 days, your browser will stop trying.

If you don’t want to tip your BAT, you can simply put the slider next to “Auto-Contribute” to the off position. (Or set a lower tip-amount)

If i turn off auto contribute option, will i still get reward?

As long as the slider next to “Ads” is in the activated position, yes.

If i enabled tip option,will it reduce my bat?

That is basically what I was saying in my previous reply. It’s also explained next to the setting itself.

If you enable “Auto-Contribute”, there is a setting called “Monthly Payment”. You can change that amount.
That amount will be moved from your account to the websites you visit. (Once per month on the “Next contribution date”)
So yes, you will have less BAT after that.

The BAT you earn from ads will be the same. You’re just spending some of them to support websites.

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