Reward icon(triangle) popup

Keep asking to turn on notifications, even if is toggled to on.
Android 7,9.
When started? 1h ago, after a crash.

Umm, could you disable and re enable Brave rewards and notifications for brave ?

Also could you in install brave Beta and check if same error happens there ?

Did multiple times, restarted device and i still get the annoying popup(Brave) :

Same behaviour, just different UI (Brave Beta):

Does your device pass safetynet test ?
Install from play store and run a test.

Also test the notifications at

Your issue seems quite similar to one →

Topic was closed, problem NOT solved.
Checked everything possible like:
Safety check,
Beta/Nightly version,
New account/profile,
New installation,
Android 7,9(tablet & phone).

Note 2 weeks ago, when i installed Beta&Nightly versions in one device for testing purpose (This issue was present).
Now Brave stable version is affected by the update.
Impossible to earn, or receive notification(Brave browser main function is dead.)


Thanks @SmartyAadi , but i will tag @SaltyBanana , even if he slow in replying, i want to point out that this is a serious issue for users and it has to be fixed after being addressed.
Notifications are the core function of brave rewards.

Hi @Michael-Alexander

Apologies for the delay. Our team is aware of this issue and has a fix coming upstream.
Just to confirm you are experiencing this issue on Android 7 and on the latest version of Brave 1.49 or higher?

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Yep. Still there the issue, but i have to add, that this morning Ads notifications starts to being delivered as well, even with the issue mentioned.

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