Reward for Web3 content creators

I’m currently working on a platform called, a community-based technical content platform where content writers and projects can share knowledge and collaborate on articles, documentation or tutorials about decentralised techs at first.

The platform is powered by Ethereum and IPFS, so each individual writer or community writer can access (and export) their content at any time, prove authorship, receive tips and fund content via bounty.

It is still work in progress but publishing is already up and running and we have already around 500 contributions. The content is associated to the creator via his Ethereum account address.

We are working on the tipping strategy right now and as a big fan of Brave browser, I was wondering what is the effort on Brave side to integrate a content platform just like you did with YouTube and Twitch ?
I’m conscious, we are infinitely small compared to YouTube, and it may not make sense in terms of ROI to integrate our platform.

However, there are a few Ethereum based content platforms emerging (gitcoin, peepeth, ujo, cent_co, publish0x, etc.) and each content creator is usually identified by an Ethereum or Bitcoin address. There could be a way to generalise publishers verification for all those sites into one unique scheme.

The idea would be to build some sort of gateway between those web3 publishers and BAT.
- On Brave side, a web3 content creator would be easy to verify as you only need a signature from the Ethereum account (that is recovered via ecrecover). I am not saying this account should be used to receive BAT payment but only to verify identity (account owner). Uphold would still be part of the publisher registration process.
- On the publishing platform side, the host could simply add a HTML metatag including the account address to tip, so it would be pretty easy to match a page (an article or profile page) to a publisher.

<meta name="publisher_account" content="0xF0f15Cedc719B5A55470877B0710d5c7816916b1" network="ethereum">

This solution gives much more granularity than domain names as any websites could have as much as publishers as they want.

Anyway, this is an idea I wanted to share with this community because I believe content creators are becoming more and more interested by Blockchain benefits (micro-payment, interoperability, censorship-resistance) and on the other hand they are also attracted by simplicity of all those publishing platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Medium, GitHub), which means that the domain is not necessarily the best publisher identifier.

Happy to discuss about this :slight_smile:


Hi , I’m the founder of Publish0x. Can confirm I would also LOVE to integrate this. We are up to 8000 users (grown from 2500 to 8000 in the last 6 weeks), I’d love this layer on top that our users can tie their profile (we don’t tie to an eth address like Kauri) with us to their brave account and earn their share of brave rewards rather than us taking them!

and Hi Greg! Nice to meet you, and just had a look around Kauri, looks nice!!! We are rivals :stuck_out_tongue: But lol, there’s no rivals if you just enjoy this space and want to see good stuff make it and bring people into crypto :slight_smile: If you’d like to chat at all and compare notes, see if we can help each other at all or share intelligence then I’d love to, I dont want to leave my id/contact openly here but you can reach me through our site or our telegram pretty easily.