Reward disappeared after connecting to zebpay

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Briefly describe your issue:
i recently connected my brave browser to zebpay and all my previously earned regards disappeared about 60 bats

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave) windows 10 version 1.58.131

Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer) zebpay

Are you in a supported region? ([see here] yes
( for list of supported regions)

@Prakhar19 what you’re describing is the usual behavior. When you connect, it takes it away from your browser and processes through Brave and gets sent to you. On places that have long been supported, such as Uphold, this tends to process within a day or two and arrives. However, for ZebPay, there’s a bit of a delay.

I believe they said this will appear with the following normal payout, which begins around the 7th of each month.

Do keep in mind this upcoming payout is the very first that will be occurring within the normal browser. While we hope it will go smoothly, there may be some delays or issues. The big thing for now is just asking you can be patient until after the payouts complete. If it hasn’t arrived, then you may need to create a Rewards Support Ticket at

Give it time though. Like I said, payouts don’t begin until around the 7th of October. It can take anywhere from days to weeks to complete. I’m not sure if they’ll include ZebPay in the normal topic they update with payout status, but if they do it will be at Ads Payout Status Update

Key thing is wait until it (the link above with the ads payout status update) shows that it’s for October payout and that all are complete before you create a ticket.

You should see a yellow question mark icon next to your Brave Rewards balance after you connect to ZebPay. Please hover it and read the message there. Thanks.

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I think Saoiray and Chriscat have already shared the solution. Im just sharing a topic I created which might answer any further doubts you might have for the connection to Zebpay.

Can u plz visit brave://rewards-internals/ and go to Event Logs … do u see anything like promotion_vbat_drained key there… (See pic)



yes it is showing there

Please everyone don’t panic. That vBAT drained is nothing but saying that your vBAT info is now shared to Zebpay, you shall receive it in next payout (October)

brave://rewards-internals/ is a great tool, and even better with verbose enabled. :saluting_face:

well now my brave rewards profile is flagged I didn’t did anything I was just trying to reconnect my zebpay account as it was disconnected automatically

it seems unfair TBH that the reasons aren’t clear for flagged profile . I am not sure but i personally think that profiles are flagged when they are used extensively during which the inappropriate ads activity might gets triggered . why i reached that conclusion is have been using rewards for so long and have been flagged from like uphold 2 times and even from the creators account and then got unbanned and i also used multiple profiles but my profile never got flagged cause i use them as normal usage or low usage but viewing as many ads as possible organically . maybe u weren’t trying to do anything fishy but as seen in you SS through your extensions and tags & all , u seems a heavy user of this particular profile. This is all just my thoughts from what i have experienced

Please raise a ticket at

Do share ticket ID here.

i did lets hope for the best

@Prakhar19 i am just curious , did you frequently opened new tabs while using the this profile ? like the old times where more ads came with new tabs opening . tell me if you were doing this , like opening new tabs again and again to see ads

I think you shall be fine.

Not true.

You wouldn’t know easily if you are flagged as flagged profiles too show ads. And now users are flagged at the custodian level, I think. So likely that even if you link a fresh profile, you would appear flagged if you are flagged at the custodian level. @Prakhar19 would be a good candidate to test this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You shouldn’t be able to do this now, changes were made quite some time back. Or do have a workaround still?

I was just guessing that may be opening too many tabs just to see ads might trigger that ads activity that gets the profile flagged
Cause one of my friend also got flagged and when i asked him he told me that he was opening too many tabs .
Also he got flagged the same way @Prakhar19 got flagged . After reconnecting zebpay . Instantly flagged

Opening too many tabs should not cause the flag in and of itself.

Yes i use to do that but recently no

Happens for a variety of reasons. Brave never does say anything specific. Main thing to do is if you believe you haven’t done wrong is to create a Rewards Support Ticket at if you’d like them to look into it.

Browser never gives any notification about being flagged unless/until you try to connect to a custodial partner. So it’s not like you just got flagged. It likely had you flagged for a while and you’re just now noticing.

Yep, this is when people find out they are flagged. On average it’s every 90-120 days or so that we get disconnected from within our browsers and have to sign in again for the custodial partner. (I think might happen a bit more frequently for ZebPay).

so are you in contact with zebpay to fix this so frequent disconnection ?