Reward claiming is making some confusion

Hello Brave team & everyone,

I’ve been using Brave browser over a year. everything seems smoothly.

I’ve been accumulating BAT for a few months( I’ve not claimed the Rewards monthly because i keep the recovery phrases).

now i try to claim some but just can claim portion of them, and something strange shows in logs as below.

pic1: is 3 months has not claimed yet.

pic2: rewards-internals shows
status : OVER for bigger amount of BAT,
and status: ACTIVE for smaller one.

pic3: after claiming done.

only Status:ACTIVE can be claimed succesfully.
Status: OVER cannot be claimed

and detail in the video.

P/s Before I’ve already claimed successfully for some PC.

my concern is : the pending-reward-claiming of the previous months will be reduced or be canceled if we did not claim in time.

even we are keeping the recovery phrases, we cannot recovery and claim whole of BAT we’ve been accumulating .

please Brave team explain.

thank you.


Thank for the tips :slight_smile:

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