Reward by zebpay to much difference between same user both get different reward?

Please solve the issue

I have requested that please verify the zebpay account user getting different reward in Brave rewards because me and friends getting differefence reward both are them uses Brave browser same Brave
16BAT AND 178 BAT Both are used same ads point but different in reward why?

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Me and my friend have same issue in brave rewards give answer

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178 would be lifetime. So if one person had a bunch of vBAT earned from years of using Brave, then they linked and had transferred. It’s just sitting there.

If you look at January payment, that person got 32 BAT. The other one shows 16 BAT. Both are incredibly high numbers This either means lots of ads in your area or you’re both abusing things and likely are on the way to getting yourselves flagged.

Devices, even in the same region, will vary on ads they are shown. Nobody is promised anything. And it could be one of you is checking Brave News, opening New Tag Page, etc a lot more than the other and therefore sees more ads. Also maybe one is watching lots of videos and all, which then causes notification ads not to arrive as it doesn’t want to interrupt. Plenty of small things that can matter…

My friend, we both earned 33 BAT using 3 Brave browsers combined, he earned 178 BAT and we earned 16 BAT, why so much difference?

Not sure what to tell you Vikash. I do see you just spam created a bunch of topics, of which I flagged as spam. I’m also not sure if you have answered your own question in one of them or what happened?

When you say you have done irregular activity, is that based on my comment to you earlier or have you been flagged? If flagged, it would make sense as what you’re sharing doesn’t seem normal.

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