Reward blocked?

Hey team,
I hope that you are fine.
I friend of me has added me to a telegram group called “Juventus Fan Token”. And in this groupe we can earn some additional money
I found a message saying :“Free 250$ money for JUV users
Download this app Click here
Then install, use this app 28 days.
Don’t uninstall. After end 28 days, you will get your account 250$. You can withdraw this balance instant.
Note: Limited for first 10000 users.”
So, i downloaded Brave Browser, but, a month passed and i didn’t receive the 500$.
Where is the problem?

it was fake news you should report the link that the user sent to you with screen shoot of his/her message to you
so the team block his/her account so noone else get tricked by that

Refresh the page and look the images

could you get the detail of the link in that group the one that say click here

thanks for that

@steeven could you look for that

and have a nice day both of you


in brave you can get token by

  1. watch ads that can give you around 5$ monthly sometime lower than that sometime higher than that
  2. get token from other user tip your site youtube chnnel and others from the bats/token they have but you need a publisher account and to verify your site
  3. get token using referal program the same link that you get tricked with and you get paied for each user who install and use brave for 30 days but this option is not avilable for new account they stoped it for new account recently

hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks for your responses
I’m trying to work on internet and make, earn some additional money
I will pay attention to fakers
Thank you

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