Reward Blocked since 2 month

Hello, I’m new user to Brave since 4 month and I just saw that the payment is blocked since 2 month.

I have verified wallet and using windows 10 desktop. The first payment has been done to uphold (I can see it to the uphold dashboard) but the 2 last payments don’t appear.

Also in my Brave reward page I see the esimated pending reward with the value, the next payment date (6 june) and received ads to 0.

It’s kindly if the monthly reset was notcorrectly done.

Is there a anything I can do to manualy trigger the transaction from the browser to Uphold?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi, i have the same issue.
I didn’t receive my payment since february and the next one is in june, i use windows 10 too and i have my wallet verified

Same here. Rewards blocked in Android since 2 months

Hi, It seems that I solved the issue.

Since the walet is verified by uphold I reset the wallet data (the gear in the brave reward page, where there is displayed the amount). And connected to the uphold account after that.

The drawback is the Bat earned during those month are lost.

But at least it’s working again.

Same here i also contacted @steeven with all proofs but still did not got my 80BAT. I don’t know what to do now. I want those BAT but they are saying wait. All, they are saying is wait. Damn it.

Hi, i have the same issue.
I didn’t receive my payment since february and the next one is in Ma y 6 , i use windows 10 and i have my wallet verified

I reinstalled Brave on Android and literally lost them all. Hopefully they will delete the 25 BAT restriction.

Basically lost 24.9 BAT, so many ads :frowning:

I’ve had the same problem you have had in the past. I constantly sent dm to Steeven. At the end of 2 months it said I flagged by the system, and it solved my problem -thank you-. The problem to be solved in 1 day was solved in 60-70 days, not bad huh?

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