Reward Blocked since 2 month

Hello, I’m new user to Brave since 4 month and I just saw that the payment is blocked since 2 month.

I have verified wallet and using windows 10 desktop. The first payment has been done to uphold (I can see it to the uphold dashboard) but the 2 last payments don’t appear.

Also in my Brave reward page I see the esimated pending reward with the value, the next payment date (6 june) and received ads to 0.

It’s kindly if the monthly reset was notcorrectly done.

Is there a anything I can do to manualy trigger the transaction from the browser to Uphold?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi, i have the same issue.
I didn’t receive my payment since february and the next one is in june, i use windows 10 too and i have my wallet verified