Review of account

When will accounts under review be reviewed?
Payments for August are running now and still no answer from suspension team?

It will review before the october payout so you can withraw your bat in october if they release the under review in your acc

What are the odds to release my account?

Make sure you are not a cheater

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I am not a cheater. I have like 100 referrals with no tips

Then why you under review? Btw just dont mind it and just chill if you know that you are not cheater, because they can see all and detect in your account

Well that is my question hah

Cant be chill because I want my BAAAAAATS

Me too, my account was under reviewed.
Can we ask for more details? Cause i am not a cheater.

I don’t know anything. How many bats did you have?

Nope. It’s not yet converse to BAT. About 1000 downloads.

1000 is a lot… I have 100 lol

We do not discuss suspensions or appeals on Community.