Review account on brave

Brave is saying that they are reviewing my account how to resolve this issue

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Hi @Laststrike00,

Nothing that we can do to help you here. Please follow the message and sent an email to publishers support team. More Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

Apologies for the inconveniences.


They are saying that we should contct you

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Please resolve my issue so that i can use my account

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That is I believe an “automatic reply”. They will get in touch with you asap. :slight_smile:

From thread I linked above:

Account suspensions are sensitive subjects and in the best interest of protecting people’s privacy
. . .
but individual cases will be worked through via direct email

Please send me the link again and taught me how i contact with them

Hi @Laststrike00 , you must send a message to

In the message I recommend that you put your email, name, page or channel that you registered for take BAT and that say how you think win the BATS.

All information is very important for help you. we wait your response. :slightly_smiling_face:

They are saying this again and again and on every mail they sent the same message
Whats the problem here

True. They’re asking the same again!, But as Trump says: “Let’s see what happens”

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Please help me my request number is 11640

Hello I’m waiting support answer for a 2 days. My request (10539). How long should I wait.

can you help me by reviewing my account

@Laststrike00 be patient, your turn will arrive, the team is small and there are many accounts to review, keep waiting …

@Senor10 how long would you take

Forever :blush::blush::blush: (meybe)
Just wait😉

I am also thinking about this :grinning:

@Asad review my account request number 11640

Don’t worry @Laststrike00

  1. your account will be normal soon.
  2. And when payment come u account meybe review again.
  3. Back to number 1 and 2 :joy::joy::kissing::wink:

How much time you will take to review my account

@Asad @eljuno how much time will you take i am waiting from 15 days wtf is this