Revert to 5 Ads / Hour to Protect Value of Ads

I would like to propose a return from the current 10 Ads / Hour (which is a newly released feature in Brave Stable), back to the original 5 Ads / Hour.


  1. In spite of the setting, most users don’t get served 10 Ads, nor 5 Ads / Hour. So we should return a more sustainable value of 5, rather than an unrealistic, unattainable 10 Ads/Hour.

  2. Increasing the max frequency of Ads will devalue the payout per Ad. This is something many users will not like.

  3. 10 Ads / Hour will desensitize and devalue the advertising impact of each Ad, as it could appear up to once every 6 minutes. This is something many advertisers will not like.

  4. The advertising catalogue is not diversified enough to support 10 Ads / Hour. The advertisements are coming from the same few companies. Most advertisements are about ad “crypto”, in spite of claiming to come from the “Science”, “Entertainment”, or “Arts” ad catalogue. This further supports Point 3’s argument about being desensitized to repetitive ads.