Revert back to bookmark setting prior to Sync?

Hello, I set up Sync between 2 of my computers to update one I don’t use as often. Problem is it use the profile from the wrong computer. Lots of bookmarks and bookmark settings are now lost. Is there a way to go back?



  • what OS powers both computers?
  • which of these computers issync-host and which is guest?

Hi @macfanol, the one I would have wanted to be the host would be my macbook still running on mojave.
The computer that I was trying to update is a Dell desktop on Windows 10

@JT777 this should work just fine :slight_smile:
Out of curiosity: why are you still on macOS Mojave? There was Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey ( so 3 versions ) released after Mojave

@macfanol, what do you mean this should work fine?

I need to delete more stuff off of my computer to have enough room for the update :roll_eyes: … I have the external drive, just need to make a point of it.

Sync from MacBook to Windows should just require in-browser setup and off goes whatever you set to sync…
Complete other matter is that sync algorith is,to say nicely, heavily flawed.

Well I wish I had known that before hand! No way to go back that you know of then?

@JT777 Honestly dont know of any way. But, let @Mattches ( or anyone from Brave team ) speak.

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Syncing your information between OS should have given the union of all bookmarks (in this case) on both devices. Simply syncing devices will not delete any data. However, if you deleted bookmarks data after the two devices are synced, this would have deleted the bookmarks across any devices on the Sync chain.

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