Returning to the last web page

Everytime i want to see the last web page that i watched while searching and click the top left button to go to the former web page it starts on the first search page again. I just want to go to the last search page i watched. This only happens while using the Brave browser. Google Chrome and Firefox do exactly what i want them to do and show me the last search page. What can i do in “settings”?
Thanks in advance for your response.

Can you elaborate more and/or provide more information about your issue? I’m not entirely sure about your issue.

A screen recording or screenshot will be really helpful too.

Hello, thanks for coming back to me!
For instance: you can see page 3 from my search. When i click on the Whatportis web page screen is shown. When i want to go back to page 3 of my search by clicking on the left top button of the Brave browser, it doesn’t show page 3 but page 1 of my search!

Thanks for trying to help me out!

I see this same behavior as well – not entirely sure why it’s behaving that way. It seems like Brave is blocking whatever is used to keep the browsers place on the page – maybe @fanboynz will know more than I would about this?

Not sure if its intentional or not, it might be more of a caching issue, clearing cookies/cache of the affected site (in this case duckduckgo).

@fanboynz Hi Ryan, i suppose it’s intentional. Duckduckgo doesn’t keep “history” information. That’s why i can’t go back to the last watched page.
Anyway thanks for your help.

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