Return account Brazil?

Brazil’s return forecast?

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What do you mean?
If you mean about when Brazil will be supported again for Brave Rewards verification then, Nothing is for sure. According to Brave, they’re working to get Brazil back ASAP. But again no timeline, could be days, weeks and months.
This is where I read about this →

Hope this helps. Cheers!

I’ll be able to answer you more on this tomorrow night, assuming Brave doesn’t announce anything before then. The last we heard is they were trying to get it up as soon as possible. Originally they thought only a few days, but it seems to be taking much longer. They haven’t given any updates to anyone, so we’re all “left in the dark” as the saying goes.


@Saoiray will there be an update tomorrow or is it the day they respond?

Both. Every Tuesday around 5pm Eastern Time (2pm Pacific) we have the Brave Community Call. The call is usually about an hour. They don’t always go into big detail but Jimmy usually does good of letting us know if there’s anything immediate happening or if there’s a major problem.

Either he’ll say a date it’s coming back, will say they are working on it (but no known date of return), or will tell us if they are experiencing issues and it will be a long time or not at all. (I highly doubt the third will happen, but just saying is an option)

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Thank you very much, I hope you have good news. Hugs friend

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