Retaining Users By Introducing Necessary Behaviors


One thought from an experience pov… I’ve noticed a handful of comments on reddit and here re: issues with parts of the page not loading and user frustration with not knowing what to do to troubleshoot.

The answer always seem to be - did you try shutting off the shields? If even this group can’t figure out to shut off the shields when something doesn’t load (myself included) then… how might we help a user discover this is the behavior that is necessary from time to time?

I believe this is one the current greatest risks to user retention (if a browser won’t load the content on the page the user wants to see that’s a HUGE problem…). Sure innovators and early adopters will persevere and find a solution - but the early majority might find this unexpected behavior to be too much friction and revert back to Chrome(or, gasp! IE… jk).

I’m a UX Researcher, not a designer. Having said that I’ll throw out a solution for fun. One idea to consider is that you might be able to work from your existing component stack to deliver a notification to check shields whenever the browser blocks content it is uncertain it should have. This notification could have a dismiss forever option, but would at least introduce the behavior of need to lower shields from time to time to the user.

Thanks for considering!


Hi there, if you have some ideas, please drop by and leave them there :slight_smile: thanks!


Thanks @suguru !

I’m more than happy to begin posting on github rather than or this community board!

Any suggestion on which repositiory makes most sense to post to? Also, should I be tagging anyone? I’ve worked on multiple posts at this point and I want to seamlessly insert whatever may be helpful in informing the team within existing structures.

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If you are interested in suggesting something on the usability / design, please have a look at this list and see if there are several issues on which the topic you wanted to discuss are already being discussed:✓&q=is%3Aissue%20is%3Aopen%20label%3Adesign


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