Results seem politically skewed

Startpage is the worse one imho

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You literally have to use telegram etc these days to get any actual news. That isnt twisted and turned to point to a radical left leaning narrative. Or turns a country that wars their own people for 8 years to the glorious holy god country with a leader that is the coming of christ.
With how mainstream goes as of late, it can only get worse for humanity as a whole.

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Facts are you can’t get news anymore except from figureheads like Trump. They don’t want The People to have access to news (and to be Christian) so they had to take him out. This would have been impossible if thrust upon a moral populace.

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If you’re not, you should be able to back up your claims with the source code.

There is 100 % probability this will not achieve the explicitly-stated goal and will instead be used to reinforce people biases.

Try to use, or

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Telegram asks for your phone number

Yea, because it’s like WhatsApp a phone app. But you can private it so nobody will see it. I have not gotten any spam calls or sms or anything since I use telegram. For years.

As of today (May 23, 2022) “popularity” is getting slightly better on Brave search. You still need a better algo guys. The search “war crimes by ukraine” (in quotes) returns a mix of “war crimes by russia” first but at least you did get the correct results half way down the first page of results.

Some progress. You are almost at Presearch level of results.

Presearch is a meta search engine like searx. It uses other search engines like google, bing, mojeek etc to get its result.

I am mostly concerned with privacy. I have not gotten spam calls from Telegram but having my number adds a level of personal information I am not at all wanting to give away. I do not trust these companies. If they censor people what other evils are they capable of?

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Nobody is on Russia’s side. How is that even relevant to the particularly American issues of Conservative vs Liberal, Good vs Evil that are being discussed? America’s biggest enemy is the enemy within.

Ohh, many are on Russias side. Because the western Propaganda is just embarrassing. Once you get more into it, it becomes clear.

In telegrams case, there is no censorship there.

Telegram has lots of censorship. You can’t post comments in hardly anyone’s pages. Yet, I had a death threat image sent to me on Telegram. I want to go to Truth Social.

Depends on the group and their admins. I pick a random example. Since you mentioned truth social, let’s say you join a channel that is pro trump. But all you do is write how bad trump is, you are likely to get removed from said group by any of their mids or admins.
That is not telegram though. Moderation is mostly done via group admins. It’s more like private chat channels. Not like twitter etc.

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Sounds like an excuse. Gotta love how you guys were all about free speech when liberals were the immoral minority.

America’s greatest enemy is the enemy within.


It’s not about “Russia” but Russian and Ukranian politicians plus the Fake media. This has been a desinformation war in order to force more damage in to supply chains and rending all of us by hunger.

When the non viable mutants take over the nurturing environment created by normal people.

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I’m the original poster on this thread. I just wanted to thank the Brave team members who posted and clarified my concerns. I’m glad to hear about Brave’s commitment to avoiding censorship. Thanks for all the work you’re doing.