Results seem politically skewed

I understand that you’re paid to attack strategy rather than issues. The founder had a specific problem with the LGBT impact on our culture and so do I. Calling yourself a Christian and attacking my comments is something I’m very used to so I don’t know why you’re even trying. You’re not going to get anywhere.

Since it’s probably TLDR for you, from Focus on the family’s own web page (not msm)

The Preeminence of Evangelism

We believe the ultimate purpose of life is to know and glorify God and to attain eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, beginning within our own families and then reaching out to a suffering humanity that needs to embrace His love and sacrifice.

“He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.'” Mark 16:15

The Statement of Faith does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. The Bible itself, as the inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality, and the proper conduct of mankind, is the sole and final source of all that we believe. For purposes of Focus’ faith, doctrine, practice, policy, and discipline, our Board of Directors is Focus’ final interpretive authority on the Bible’s meaning and application.

That statement of faith fits with the dictionary definition of fundamentalist.

None of the comments you made have to do with my points about the basic direction that Brave should take. My hope is that attention is brought to the subject. Attacking me is not going to get you anywhere except more eyes for my topic. You’re not very effective.

TLDR because you are incapable of being succinct. Where does Focus on the Family call themselves the pejorative term “fundamentalist”?

Anyone interested in what is being referred to when it comes to why Brave was created can read this article:

First of all. snaps fingers uh huh honey

This conversation is devolving quickly and I’m tempted to close the thread. However, I do want to point out that we just released the “Goggles” beta, which may be of interest to everyone here worried about results being “skewed”:


I tried the Goggle for Right Leaning News today. The first page had the La Times, notoriously far Left. Right leaning sources are not usually mainstream. The rest of the sources on the topic I searched (Roe vs Wade) were
Fox News (Moderate)
Telegraph (Left)
NY Post (Moderate)
MSNBC (Moderate-Left)

Independent news sources like Gateway Pundit, OAN, Todd Starnes News, Christian Post, PJ Media, Townhall, The Federalist, ect., did not appear. One problem Conservatives have is having to access Twitter or Google search for news.

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Have you reied It’s a conservative leaning newsfeed and a search engine… Is there a way to insert that kind of results in Brave Search?

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Sources that are right/left leaning are determined using a 3rd party resource which you can see in the Goggle itself. The resource in this case being

You’re also welcome to create your own Goggle, using your own favorite/desired sources.

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Yea. Under goggles right leaning you find such right wing outlets as CNN, NBC… As I am German, the German right leaning goggles are like the wild west. It shows all the state propaganda Outlets like Spiegel, Bild, ARD, ZDF and nothing else.

I guess this is still a work in progress. Because all of those are fairly left leaning.
The issue is 95% of mainstream media is on the left.

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I found a great app called MxM media that gives you right wing news from America. I am not a tech person so I am thinking of hiring someone to make a goggle for me.

Just to warn you, someone is flagging opinions they don’t like. Someone just tried t o censor this post:

They have an automated message that says if you edit it the censorship disappears so I pushed the edit button and added a sentence to get it back up. There are censorship operatives who are against free speech here.

Just looked up “Creation Museum Biblical authority”. T he first two results were a hit piece attack on the Bible Museum in DC. Not the same museum and also a liberal slant. When I type in my interests, 99% of the time the search brings up an attack some liberal journalist made.

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Having used your search engine for a while, I have to say it seems extremely bias toward the left.

If your algorithm relies heavily on user data you have to understand that it will be bias and censor by default (whether this is intentional or not). Another thing to take into account is that if users perceive your search engine as bias (and do not get what they are looking for) you are most likely to lose these users, making your search results even more bias (because your user base only retain users that share this bias). This is a common problem in ML based algorithms (which is why data is often redistributed/altered using standard techniques such as SMOTE etc before actually feeding any algorithm).

At your scale I’m not so sure you should rely this heavily on user-data. Most search engines will do fine with searches related to mathematics or non-political or non-opinion related searches. However when it comes to politics or view-points, this can become an issue.

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Im not normally on Russia side but They were right on both statements when our gov and media got caught lying to all of us. Russia said they were going in to get the Nazis out and Go after the bio-labs… Well what do we find… Ukraine Does have a huge Nazi group and we just dumped billion of our tax dollars to support them. We also learn they have been killing tons of their own people for years. Then the Gov and our media and FACT CHECKER lied to us about their being Bio-labs. All until Marko Rubio asked them and they spilled the beans. So now they use our tax money to destroy illegal bio-labs they denied we supported… all TIED into Hunter and Joe which Trump was so called impeached for DARE asking and looking into the connection. This is why a fair and real search engine is needed. Most have no clue whats going on and most media is controlled and corrupted. I have reported to Brave about the one sided search. I look on this forum and many people complained for a while and looks like after a year they still cant even it out. Sad.

The brave forums have become so interesting to view these days

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Thats because People are waking up to the truth. There is a Deep state Uni-party. People are waking up that Big tech has been working with the gov to censor and silence people. Even IF some people are still un-informed enough to think Biden won, surely they can see the bans of so many people on YT, Twitter, Facebook. A bias search engine is a from of censorship. Many went to Brave to not have all our info throw out there. We wanted a place that that will be open and show real info. Many of the searches I do in brave look like the results came from Huffington post. ITs silly and sad. This issue has been pointed out for a while now. IT should be that hard to add in stuff from OAN, Epoch, The gateway Pundit, etc. Showing me a list of all the groups that Lied about Russia collusion for 4 years, Liked about the origin of Covid 19 and STILL cover it up, lied about Hunters laptop (Remember: the 50 ex intelligence officers that signed saying it was fake. funny how there is no accountability or attacks on them for lying), They lied about illegal bio labs in Ukraine for which Joe has sent 60 billion too and no one knows where the money is going too. The Deep state played all of us for decade. R vs. D… over and over while they got their people in both groups. The game is up and Trump exposed them. 7 years of attacking him should have woke everyone up. Our borders are invaded with million of illegal, Crime up, Gas and inflation up, Billions being thrown around, Elections are still being rigged… People are waking up. Some slower then others. Anyone still calling themselves Americans with any pride need to watch the Mike Lindell event on Rumble(Youttube wont allow it). There you WILL see PROOF the media has been hiding from you. State Investigators, State Auditors, Non-partisan voter groups. So much sick fraud and then know what the main media including fox is hiding. I dont want Brave to do the same censorship.


You completely mis-read my post

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Telegram asks for your phone number. They collect data, obviously. Also they censor comment sections.

He completely misread your ambiguious, snarky, one sentence post. True

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