Results returned by Brave do not adhere to required terms

I gave Brave search a try but found it returned far too many results that had nothing to do with what I was searching for especially when I required specific phrases in the results. Try searching for

ebay “Standard International Shipping” and you will wind up with results that do NOT have "Standard International Shipping " in them

The same goes for
“B460M DS3H” resetting on its own

You wind up getting results for entirely different motherboard models raka AMD rather than the Intel based B460M DS3H model.

Try doing these same searches in Google and compare the results. That is the reason I continue to use Google for my search. It returns results that I need.

Thank you for the feedback.
Please remember that Search is still in Beta and the team is hard at work fine-tuning the algorithm to return the most accurate results. Google search has been around for 25 years; Brave search has only been around for ~25 days – please allow us some time to catch up :slight_smile:

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Yes, Brave Search is not fully refined yet; it doesn’t show as many images as Google Search, videos, etc. Just give the team some time to work out everything.