Restoring Passwords

Description of the issue:

I was a drunk ogre one night and decided to share a beer with my laptop’s keyboard (Lenovo Y700-15ISK). Needless to say, that laptop choked to death.

I bought a brand new laptop (MSI Raider GE77HX) and got everything set up but my passwords are not there.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Windows 11 Pro 22H2 and Version 1.46.134 Chromium: 108.0.5359.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

I read somewhere that I was able to bring the whole Brave-Browser folder from the old HDD to the new HDD and that should work however, this did not work.

When opening up Brave, it told me that some settings were reset. Is there any way for me to restore the credentials from my SSD?

The SSD is a good SSD and should be bootable (if that laptop itself wasn’t dead)

Ah, yes. Passwords are a different story because they are locally encrypted using your device user and password. The only way you can move passwords over are if you had done an Export Passwords or if you have Passwords synced with something like your phone or another device.

Without those, it’s likely your passwords exist within your brave-browser folder, but they wouldn’t be visible since it’s encrypted and not accessible on new device, since it doesn’t have the encryption key.

I was pretty reluctant to try this but this did work

What a pain this was, glad I had some spare hardware otherwise this would have been a complete nightmare!

  • Uninstalled the old M.2 NVMe from Lenovo Y700-15ISK
  • Installed the old M.1 NVMe into an external enclosure
  • Plugged enclosure into USB 3 port of Dell Latitude E5450
  • Entered BIOS of Dell Latitude E5450 and configured to boot via UEFI
  • Allowed Windows to configure the HDD to the Dell Latitude E5450 hardware
  • Opened Brave and exported passwords to .csv
  • Shutdown Dell Latitude E5450 and unplugged enclosure
  • Plugged enclosure into MSI Raider GE77HX and transferred .csv over

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