Restore window list.

I apologise if this is in the wrong section but I am new to this and don’t know where to best request help.

I was trying to scan something and after I had worked that out it wouldn’t go off the screen, a box popped up asking did I want to get rid of ‘window lists’. Thinking it would get rid of the box with the scan which I couldn’t move, save or find (I really am very new to this and not sure what I’m doing) it didn’t but now all my tabs disappear.

My question is how do I restore the ‘window lists’ I don’t know what they are but I’m assuming that is what is causing the problem and I don’t know where to look for the ‘window lists’ to restore it.

My thanks for any help. I really am not in the least technical so if this all seems a bit basic please bear that in mind.



Are you using Brave Browser, and if so, what version numbers?

What computing device are you using, and its Operating System version?

Describe in detail, what you mean by “scan something”.

If you can repeat the events, take screenshots.

Screenshot tools:


@username31 What did you scan? What device you have: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, .?

Thanks for reaching out. To be honest I’m not super clear on the behavior here, nor the error you saw. Knowing the answers to the questions @289wk asked would also be very helpful.

As for restoring your tabs/windows, if you look in your history (Menu --> History) you should see options to restore closed tabs/windows here:

Thank you so much to all who responded and my apologies for not replying sooner but I have been away from the internet and don’t use mobile internet so have just seen these.

My apologies for not being able to express the issue very well, I am not technical and do struggle to describe things in terms cleverer people will understand.

I had spent literally days searching for a solution before posting then whilst I was waiting for my post to be approved I came across the answer when looking for something else.

I do thank you all for your responses.


You are OK. What is ‘the answer’ that you ‘came across’? Thanks, in advance.

Hello 289wk,

Part of the problem I have is knowing how to phrase my question but by chance I came across something that said, ‘window disappears when minimized’. That is what happened to me but I inadvertently ticked a box that said ‘window list’ and not knowing what it was or how important it was had been searching for that. I still don’t know if I have it back but everything is running again and this is what I found.

At first all I came across was complex looking fixes I would be too afraid to try as it meant venturing into parts of the machine I am unfamiliar with. At the bottom of one of these sets of instructions someone had put this…

Right click on an empty space, click troubleshoot, then restore settings to default.

When I did this I even got a little icon at the bottom which I hadn’t had before.

If it helps anyone else who comes across it, it also said pressing Alt+Tab would do the same thing but I haven’t tried that.

Again, my thanks for all your help.

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