Restore synch chain lost open tabs and history in android app

It’s uncertain what happened… I was removing redundant device names in the Synch Chain, trying to Synch from my Brave Android app to my Desktop The app asked me to get the Code from the Desktop I got the code and scanned from/to the Brave App. I then noticed that all my 100+ App Tabs were gone and so was all History! I then panicked, uninstalled the App thinking when I reinstall Like Chrome or Firefox that the Android Brave App would relink to its saved Tabs and History.

I’m so ready to give up on Brave. Even if I have decades in high tech skills in both career and academia, who wants to take the requisite time to be a developer? Brave is very dicey in all recovery compared to Chrome or Firefox. There’s probably some special lock synch code that I was suppose to write down years ago on a piece of PAPER and save it under my bed. My privacy is likely already cooked, so I might as well go back to Firefox or Chrome and while I’m at it ditch the VPN. Please help.

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