Restore settings from crashed drive - linux

Description of the issue:

My laptop died although the hard drive is still OK which I have access to using a usb cable. I’m trying to get my new laptop up to the same place as the old one was when it passed away. I had hundreds of bookmarks that were important to my work. Is there any way I can restore them?

The OS is Ubuntu 18.04.

Many thanks for any assistance.

I’m not familiar with it, but if the hard drive is ok, you should be able to recover the data. But you say that your laptop doesn’t work and at the same time you can’t use the data on the hard drive, isn’t it the hard drive that’s broken?

I’m not a professional here either, but if the hard drive is intact, connect it to a working device. :floppy_disk:

Many thanks for your response. I managed to fix this by booting off the old hard drive and exporting my bookmarks.

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