Restore Option for Download Shelf instead of New Download Bubble

It worked for me on a Windows 10 desktop. I have the app shortcut pinned to the taskbar. I opened properties and added the text to the ‘Target’ field after the quotes. I have not needed to repin or doing anything else. It always works. (fingers crossed).
I have seen another option mentioned to downdrade Brave to any build pre-119.***. That restores the flags option to disable the bubble. I have no idea how to downgrade or stop auto updates.

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The shortcut trick works, but Brave deletes it after an update. I hope they revert this bubble thing.

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REVERT DOWNLOAD BUBBLE REMOVAL FLAG OPTIONS what the f*ck where they thinking.
im switching browsers.

so tired this this sh!t.

They weren’t thinking is the thing, they just copied Chromium making this change.

Not here to argue but I do want to dispel one thing — the “open in folder” and “open file” button do not do the same thing. If you are seeing this behavior then there is something else going on — an extension changing the behavior, a misclick — maybe even a genuine bug in the system but these two options are not supposed to do the same thing, nor do I observe that behavior.

Here in the example below, I download both a .pkg and .pdf file, then open the folder using the download menu:

I’ve asked the team to check and ensure there are no known issues here, as well as to check and ensure it is not a Windows specific issue.

I’ve confirmed with the team — there is no bug and the buttons do their respective functions across all platforms.

Glad to hear, I never experienced it but I’m hoping it was a one-off or a click just outside the click target.
Any word on reverting the forced download bubble and at least making the shelf an option?

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Like I said before, I don’t want to argue about it but the truth is it’s probably not going to change. I can go ahead and open a feature request for it but it’s highly unlikely that we’ll revert this change.

It’s funny because, for as many people that are requesting that we change it back to the way it was before, we’ve had just as many (if not more) users prior to this change state that they “hate” the download shelf/think its’ ugly/think that it takes up too much real estate on the screen, etc., and request we change/remove it.

As with most things, there is unfortunately no way to satisfy everyone. There is always going to be some cohort of users (large or small) who are going to be upset and break out the torches whenever a change is made.

Typically, we try and offer flexibility and as many “user options” as feasible when a new feature is added (or removed, changed, etc.) and will continue to do so. However, in this particular instance, we are not likely to maintain a feature that 1 — wasn’t our implementation to begin with (it was inherited) and 2 — goes against what every other browser (Safari, Firefox, Edge, Chrome) is moving towards anyway (note that it sometimes is good to go against what others are doing, but not in this case).

Hope this helps.

This change is why I came to use Brave a month ago…

I like the idea of making the download shelf an option for users & I am wondering if this is a possibility! Giving users more choices & options for customization is always good imo.


In this case, is it not as simple as adding the flag back so people can choose between the two options? That doesn’t seem that complicated and satisfies everyone.


How does that make sense? The bar at the bottom takes up a sliver of the screen while the bubble takes up about 3-4x more space on the screen. One way to satisfy everyone is to restore the flag so you can choose what you want instead of just forcing shitty updates on people


If we could at least have the flag with the note that it will receive no support and is not recommended by the Brave team that would at least be enough to satisfy most of us at least, preferably making it an option in the Download settings rather than as a flag.
Something such as a toggle switch disabled by default labeled “Legacy Download BarRestores traditional download bar at bottom of screen. Will be recieving no further updates or support and is not recommended by Brave team.
I think that disclaimer is enough, as we should still be able to use the browser as we are used to it. The whole Chrome 2023 design refresh rubs me the wrong way, but this is my biggest problem with it.


After checking out some flags, it indeed seems very clear that Brave Can add some manual flags by themselves even if they are not present in chromium, i mean, flags support are not fully dependent on what chromium team decides to keep and the ones which they decide to Skip

So if Brave team really wanted, they could bring the classic download shelf/bar back in the next update BUT the truth is Brave team has became an Victim to the bandwagon/fadwagon and they think they should be doing what everyone else is doing wherein if they dont go in that path and take the direction elsewhere, they fear that they may appear to be a luddite and think being a luddite is something considered to be inferior wherein reality, it’s completely not. Scared/Worried about what others will think…

For me, I dont care about others will think, if others ask me something and if i could do it, i would do it…

So Overall what i would say is, Brave team could possibly offer what these above users are asking in an update but chances are more likely they wouldn’t add it back because they feel like adding this feature back again makes them to be a luddite and make the browser to be perceived as something inferior… I Can Only hope whether if they will change this behavior because if someone has been addicted to get into bandwagon, that habit will last forever, i mean for lifelong :disappointed_relieved:

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Here you go: