Restore Icon disabled/not working


I have an issue with the restore button on my browser. The icon on the right of the Brave Browser is grayed out and I have been unable to click it ever since it started. I’ve tried restoring Brave settings, and I’ve reinstalled Brave twice, and still does not work. This only happened on my Windows 11 laptop and no other program has this issue. Brave v 1.36.111

@steelepineapple There was a similar issue not long ago at Maximize button inactive. I can't click on it but at the end, things seem to work.

I wanted to ask if you’re still having issues? Also, I just checked my Brave version and see mine is 1.36.112. Was your 1.36.111 a typo or did they do a small update since? (I didn’t pay attention, don’t want to assume)

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