Restore Brave Wallet to Uphold

Description of the issue:

Q) Are you using the (new) or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?
A) A bit of both LOL.

Q) How can this issue be reproduced?
A) I installed a new operating system and setup my Uphold wallet on the new system. I want to import my old wallet holdings (~ 10 BAT). I need to know where the old wallet was saved to import it.

Brave Version:
Version 1.50.125 Chromium: 112.0.5615.165 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Umm, what do you want to do exactly ?
You say Brave wallet and Uphold together, therefore I wanna make sure I completely understand your query before I try to help.

You mean you connected Brave rewards to Uphold ?
If that’s the case, it should retrieve all balance in that Uphold account.
If you mean Brave wallet, then the below article might help

I had a local wallet and I want to import it to Uphold.
Where is the default location that a local Brave wallet would be stored at?

You mean the non custodial brave wallet? If so then you can import it by going to brave://wallet

You can’t Import a Brave wallet into Uphold. They are two totally different things. Brave wallet is a Non Custodial Wallet whereas Uphold is a Custodial Wallet (KYC needed)
If you want to withdraw the Crypto you have in brave wallet to Uphold, then you need to import the old wallet to brave first, then withdraw anything you want over there to Uphold.

I need to know the default location in the file system of the Brave Non Custodial Wallet.
i.e. /home/user/.config/Brave ???

Wallets are not stored in the file system. They are stored in the blockchain. I recommend you to learn the basics about blockchain and crypto wallets before you do any mistake that may cost you all your funds.

In order to import an old wallet, you need the keys, that you might have saved somewhere when you created the wallet. With those keys, you have access to your wallet that is in the blockchain.

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Okay so I’ve installed a new operating system from scratch.
I still have the old hard disk and can boot and see 9 BAT.
I boot from my new disk and login and there is nothing in the Brave wallet and nothing in the Uphold wallet that I set up to see if it would import it.
I have the keys and have done the import but nothing 24+ hours later.

So if it is “stored in the blockchain” then how long does it take after an import to show up?

I am learning the basics of blockchain and with next to nothing at stake as people should.

@TRM I’m going to have you start over, as I think there’s a bit of a disconnect.

First off, the ~10 BAT you’re claiming is there, how did you get it? Keep in mind if it’s in Brave Wallet, you would have had to spend money to put it there. If it’s from viewing ads on Brave Rewards, then that’s nothing to do with Brave Wallet. So please do verify which of the two you are referencing? (did you spend money to put it on Wallet?)

If you’re indeed speaking about Rewards, then you would need to link to Uphold and it would pay out to it, assuming you’re in a supported country and able to link your Rewards to Uphold.

If you are indeed speaking of Wallet, it’s not going to be on your device for you to restore or move. You’re going to need the seed phrase that it gave you when you created Wallet and you would restore it from that. This is for security purposes, otherwise people could just hack your computer and take it or come clone your device and have all your crypto. So if you’re looking for something like the system file where you’d access it, there is none.

Again terminology matters. If you’re speaking of Rewards, then you need to link that browser to Uphold, at which point the BAT would transfer to your Uphold account. If you did a factory reset or anything, then chances are you would have lost that BAT.

If you’re speaking of Brave Wallet, then you can’t just move it over physically. You would need to have some ETH in your Wallet and then you would have to send it to your Uphold Wallet using that ETH as gas fees. Of course, you should be familiar with this as if you’re saying BAT is in your Wallet, then you or someone else had to have paid those gas or transaction fees for it to be there to begin with.

“If you’re indeed speaking about Rewards, then you would need to link to Uphold and it would pay out to it, assuming you’re in a supported country and able to link your Rewards to Uphold”

It is “Rewards” not purchased. Sorry for the poorly worded question.

That is what I did and there is nothing in Uphold. I’m in a supported country. I imported it using the “Recovery Phrase” and password. It completed without error.

I’ll look around some more or maybe it is stuck and will clear at some point.

Ok, cool.

No such thing for Rewards. Most likely you did it for Brave Wallet and got yourself confused. All browsers come with Brave Wallet and Brave Rewards, but they are two different things.

Did you link your prior browser to Uphold? The one that you said has the BAT? If so, it should no longer be in your browser. You’d see the balance become 0 and then it would later appear in Uphold.

I’ll try booting the old disk and try sending it from there. So strange.

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