Restarted computer (win7) after Brave crashed, now won't start Brave, looking for history/bookmarks on computer


System; Windows 7, 16gb ram

restarted Brave after program crashed during download with many tabs open, was able to get Brave running sans tabs. Thought every thing was good, shutdown computer like normal.

This morning I can’t get Brave to start. I finished my Win7 update and rebooted, issue remains.

I’m leaning on reinstalling Brave as a solution but I don’t want to loose my history and bookmarks.

Is there any way to copy those files out of the PC or is there some other solution that I should try first?


Couldn’t you just choose a reset point from a few days ago when Brave was working and do a system restore? You’d go back to everything working, copy your bookmarks and history and then do your Win7 update, in case that made your laptop cranky. You’ll lose your most recent files if you’ve added any but can back those up before you do the restore.


Checked the desktop, there isn’t a restore point,

Thanks for the possible work around.

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