Restarted Brave and lost 2 BATs

I have restarted the browser and lost 2 BATs. I had $3.77 and now I have $1.34 that is 0.98 BATs. Why is this happening?

Hi, @ilchotaleski, are you speaking about claimed BAT or estimated pending BAT? Also, could you tell me your device and browser version?

I am talking about Estimated pending BAT. My device is MacBook Pro with browser version
1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (x86_64)

I have Windows and Android, but maybe it could be the same for you: sometimes I see value changes, too, not often, but it happens. Whenever I restart the browser, or clear cache (not data), and then restart, it goes back to the last known amount. Has this been ongoing, or it just happened now, today? Because this might be what has happened.

If it’s something different, and since I’m not familiar with Mac, I can ask @eljuno if they could help you, too.

I have noticed similar value changes before, like after computer restart the value was 0.000 and then after some use it goes back to how it was. Now it stayed at low since yesterday and even browser and computer restart didn’t fix it.

I’ve had mine return almost immediately, definitely within a day’s time (so far), so maybe there is something more going on. We can wait for someone more knowledgeable with Mac to drop by; in the meantime, waiting and seeing if it takes on some restart is what we have :crossed_fingers:

ps Don’t reinstall the browser/ OS, or do any reformatting in the meantime, please. :slight_smile:

Edit: I should have asked earlier, too: did you do any of the actions in my ps, by chance?

No, no I have not. I will continue to use it and maybe it will fix itself :slight_smile:

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