Resource Usage Monitor


It would be very helpful if I can know which tab is using too many CPU / memory (like the task manager in Chrome).
Currently I have to close the tab one by one to find out the bad page/site.


Thanks for the feedback @aabbcc1241.

I added your comment as +1 and this request is logged here



Thanks @eljuno, by the way, is it recommended to fire feature request on this forum or on Github repo directly?


Hi @aabbcc1241,

I think it’ll be better to submit the request/report to this forum first. This forum is meant for users while GitHub is for developers.

Submitting to this forum also help to avoid stale or inactive GitHub issues (most of it was forwarded to this forum for further discussions). And by submitting to this forum, other users can easily add their comment if they have same issue/request. :slight_smile:

Feel free to open a new thread after search for possible duplicate thread. If there’s an open thread you can add your +1 or :heart:

Hope that clear enough. Feel free to ask if it’s not clear.

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