RESOLVED: Users unable to link their browser wallet with Gemini

Update (Feb 7, 2022): Verifying with Brave Rewards is now back online. Thank you everybody for your patience.

This is due to a known issue that both Brave team and Gemini have been working on resolving.

Note that we have a fix for this issue that should be implemented this Monday (February 7th, 2022). This fix has been implemented. Gemini wallet linking has been re-enabled.

Your payout should not be affected. If your Brave Rewards is in a “Disconnected” or “Logged out” state, you should still receive your Gemini deposit.

In any case, if you are back into an unverified state, you will still receive your payout to your browser. And once you connect Gemini again, that BAT will just get transferred to your Gemini account.

We do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. We will be sure to update everyone once the fix has landed.

Thank you.


This issue has been resolved, and verifying your Brave Rewards with Gemini is now back online! Thanks everyone for their patience: