[ resolved ] Kee not work in Brave


Kee not work in Brave see this link : https://forum.kee.pm/t/kee-3-7-7-beta-not-work-in-brave/3526

Thank’s for assitance

sorry i am using a french / english online translator


Looking at the screenshot, at Brave we block third-party requests, which is probably causing the issue.


En regardant la capture d’écran, chez Brave, nous bloquons les requêtes tierces, ce qui est probablement la racine du problème.

Thank you, but how to unlock so that Kee works, only on Brave it doesn’t work and it’s really annoying

Please give me a solution to unlock on Brave
Thank you

Disable ‘ads and trackers’ in shields. The only solution.

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There is no other solution than this?
There must be an internal setting to unlock the !!!
Since it works on Google Chrome, vivaldi an edge browser based on Chrome

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A few extensions did break recently, we are investigating the source of the issue.

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This issue is a showstopper to me, and I love Brave!

Fixes incoming, https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/14473

An updated Brave release in the coming days hopefully.

@Markco @jalonavens New release of Brave 1.21.74 will fix this, just update, restart. Apologies for the issues.

Using :
Version 1.23.21 Chromium: 89.0.4389.72 (Build officiel) nightly (64 bits)
no fix for me. Keepass is always off

Work fine to add in: brave://adblock

||127. ^$important,third-party

Using :
Version 1.23.27 Chromium: 89.0.4389.86 (Build officiel) nightly (64 bits)

Deleting the addition of parameters in brave: // adblock work fine, kee extension is on