[Resolved] Brave Sync Setup: "Start a new Sync Chain" -> "No Internet Connection"

Hello. I was surprised to see the new “Sync” beta feature, as that was one of the most difficult reasons to switch to Brave from Chrome. Was very excited to try it out.

However, when clicking Start a new Sync Chain", I get “No Internet Connection” as in the screenshot below.

Note: I run an adblocker on my custom router, similar to PiHole’s setup. It’s just using the winhelp2002 blocklist - nothing special.

This is also a Linux machine (Pop!_OS, which is Ubuntu 18.10 under the hood).

How many times have you attempted to Sync?

Hello @Mattches. I attempted it multiple times.

However, on a hunch I closed all browser windows and re-opened. Now it works! So must have been an update needed.


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